RSI magazine

Articles (members only)

Our legacy materials appeared in The Stringer’s Assistant (1975 through 1998), or Racquet Tech magazine (1999 through January 2004). These materials are available only to USRSA members.

Current articles (February 2004 to the present) appear in Racquet Sports Industry magazine, and are available free to everyone on-line.

Columns and Departments
These more-or-less monthly articles include Ask the Experts (formerly known as Q&A), My Serve, Of Interest, and Tips and Techniques.
Indoor Sports
Columns, playtests, product introductions, and racquet service reviews.
Reviews, letters, balls, ball machines, and trade shows.
Magazines by the Month
Racquet Tech and Stringer's Assistant magazines by month and year.
View the results of our blind product playtests, and read the full playtest report.
Stringing Machines
Stringing Machine manuals, comparison charts, reviews, and related articles.
Tennis Racquets
Tennis racquet product introductions, technical articles, and other items.
Tennis Strings
Choose from among dozens of articles on the technical aspects of strings, check out the results of our lab testing on strings, choose a new string, or read the results of our blind playtests.
USRSA Member Surveys
We find out who are members are and what they do in their businesses.
USRSA String Survey / Members’ Choice Awards
Each year we survey a sampling of our members to find out what strings they are selling, and what they think of them.