Really like this issue, especially the league tennis as good business story for clubs by Ken Bomar and the ‘Future of Tennis Summit’ recap.

Jeff S.

Absolutely love reading your stuff. Keep up the good work. An informed stringer is a better stringer!

Randy H.

Great job with the new Tennis Industry! I was always a big fan of the original Tennis Industry. The new publication is well laid out and very informative. Also, the ADDvantage section will be a big improvement. You definitely hit a winner with this new and improved magazine.

Philip B.

Just got my new edition of Tennis Industry. WOW. Love the splash and the content. Great job.

Denny S.

Thought you should know the Yonex badminton racquet came out just right using the USRSA specs, it looks great and I’m sure the customer will be happy a professional strung it correctly. Thanks again for your help, it’s great to be on a winning team.

Chris F.

The article ‘Is Two Better Than One?’ in April’s issue of RSI is outstanding. I usually read RSI front to back and the 4 pages on racquet selection were excellent also.

Mat C.

You rock! The pro equipment section is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eduardo R.

I am very satisfied with all the help I get from USRSA and will continue my membership as long as I can string racquets.

Kenneth S.

I really enjoy reading your articles on the RSI website. It is great information for tennis enthusiasts who want to maximize their game by selecting the best equipment and strings. Big fan of RSI.

Simon L.

RSI is the absolutely the most informative magazine on the market!

Jerry O.

I really enjoyed your article in April 2008 called ‘2008 Racquet Selection Map.’ That caused something to sit back and say, ‘Finally I can make sense of all the racket selections.’ Nice job!!

Vic B.

I received my RSI magazine today and read it from cover to cover immediately. Though I always enjoy reading and learning something from your publication, this one had some of the best articles I’ve seen. In particular, thanks to Tony Taverna and the ‘What Technologies Are You Selling?’ pieces; I look forward to having the Head, Prince, and Tecnifibre technologies reviewed next month. Many thanks!

Donna R.

I want to compliment you on a very well written and well thought-out article on tour stringing in this month’s RSI. It has been a few years since I’ve strung at a Major but I can still relate well to evrything that you touched upon. This past Friday I strung 27 racquets along with teaching a one hour tennis lesson. I average 120 racquets per week and I need to be very organized, thorough, and in good shape. Keep up the good work … articles like this one are very informative and important for stringers of all abilities and ambitions.

Mark C.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article about tournament stringing. It was refreshing to read your insights about tournament stringing in general.

Peg C.

Thanks for going above and beyond to help me with the stringing of the Seamco Liberator. Wow, I can’t believe the stringing pattern. It took me about 1½ hrs to string, I couldn’t have done it with out your help. The customer was delighted. I did such a good job I wanted to autograph the racquet. Thanks again for the instructions and especially for your time. The USRSA has always come through for me. I have been a loyal member for over 10 years, and I will continue for the rest of my life.

Chris F.

Hey Guys, got to tell y’all how the String Playtest has helped improve my customers’ game. The column helps me to delineate to them data on the new strings and how they react from actual use. The ‘use’ comes from the ‘on the court’ and from me allowing them to use the racquet I strung with the sample. It has proven to them that it is either something they want or conversely, something that does not work for them. In either case the data and actual use has helped them understand there are many materials, types of assembly, gages and string tensions that can impact their game. Thanks for the assistance in bringing this to me, the stringer, and to the customer, the actual user. Once they are more knowledgeable, it makes my job of stringing their racquets, much easier. Thanks and keep up the good work.

David T.

Today I had an opportunity to speak with Dianne Pray (whom I’ve spoke to many times, SUPERB young lady!), who transferred me to a Tech/Stringer for a support question. I spoke to a fine gent named Jonathan. I wanted you to know how GREAT he was! He spent about half an hour with me via telephone and was very courteous and meticulous, just as I. I am a USNTA pro as well as a USTA Lifetime member and when I attained my Babolat Star 5 machine I joined the USRSA. I MUST HUMBLY SAY THAT I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID NOT BECOME A MEMBER BEFORE!!! Dianne is so sweet and this gent, Jonathan, was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE TO SPEAK WITH!!! I had a question on a hybrid stringing using gut and knots and he was so clear and concise he made me feel much more comfortable about a few frames I was stringing for important clients here at Killington Ski Resort in Vermont. I work in the ski industry (reservations) in the winter and teach tennis indoors and string, and in the summer teach and string only. John and Dianne are the epitome of an asset to a company, and as well, the USRSA epitomizes a great company. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Justin D.

I just renewed my membership again for two more years because I enjoy stringing and working with you all. Might add that I play four days a week also and am the only stringer within close to 50 miles. I only renewed for two years because I’m 85 but if I’m lucky, I’ll renew for two more in two yrs. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Bill N.

I think the USRSA tools are awesome and I use them all the time.

Don H.

Thank you! BTW you have a great organization! I started stringing again 2 years ago, after a 34 year break from hitting and stringing, an organization like this was not around in the 60s when I first started to string. Great job to all of you! I am glad you are here!

Jim E.

I hope this email finds you well. Firstly, I just wanted to say that you have a great team! Everyone that i have been talking to or interacted with has been incredibly helpful and responsive.


Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Bill N.

As a retired scientist, I felt your article on How Synthetic Strings Are Made was fantastic.

Ernie K.

I have been a USRSA member for over 30 years and hope to be around to belong another 30.

Don D.

I love the new and upcoming articles about the Wilson/Luxilon Stringing Team! Oh, my, would I love to be a part of that!

Justin D.

The USRSA website is fantastic. I have used the information that has been provided many times. Very happy to be a member.

Chris Y.

I had a problem finding a pattern for a racquet that was not listed in my Stringer’s Digest. I called in and talked to Jonathan. He was to say the least very helpful, went over several possibilities, and directed me to the proper answer. My membership is very helpful.

Tom D.

Thanks again for your quality and the service that you provide to us for so many years.

George D.

I think your interview with Babolat’s Lucien Nogues was outstanding.

Ernie K.

I just finished reading your interview with Lucien Nogues. Absolutely fantastic.

Mat C.

Your Jonathan Wolfe is just an incredible person. I never found anyone else who is close to Jonathan in responding to e-mails and phone calls, solving problems, and giving helpfully advice to all of us who have problems or questions.

Pred K.

Great article on the ‘Racquet Wizard:’ Lucien Nogues.

Mat C.

It’s amazing how responsive you and Jonathan (and probably your whole team) are.

Mat C.

Your organization is topnotch and the personnel I deal with are excellent.

Mat C.

I love your magazine. I always read it cover to cover.

Walt O., USPTA

It’s great to be a member of an organization that takes member calls so seriously!

John L.

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